New Mexico Sport Aviation

Based at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport, we offer sport, recreational, and private pilot training along with rental of our airplanes.

The sport pilot certificate has opened a new chapter for aviation - no medical exam is required and we can offer training in new airplanes at a lower cost. Additionally, licensed pilots who let their medical certificates lapse can get back in the air exercising sport pilot privileges in our airplanes.



N831RC offers the "fun to fly" that Remos is famous for along with the equipment that makes traveling by air such a joy. The airplane is a perfect choice for practicing takeoffs and landings, sightseeing on a beautiful New Mexico morning, or taking a long trip high above the monotony of the interstate.

There are dual EFIS “glass panel” displays, an autopilot, moving map GPS, VHF navigation, terrain awareness technology, XM WX datalink weather service, and TIS traffic information from the mode-S transponder. Looking to work on instrument flying proficiency? You can fly an ILS or non-precision approach with the complete radio stack.

Having a light airframe and a propeller pitched for climb this airplane performs well even when density altitudes approach 10,000 feet. 

N831RC rents for $108 per hobbs hour, plus taxes. Fuel is always included in the rental cost.


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