New Mexico Sport Aviation

Based at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport, we offer sport, recreational, and private pilot training along with rental of our airplanes.

The sport pilot certificate has opened a new chapter for aviation - no medical exam is required and we can offer training in new airplanes at a lower cost. Additionally, licensed pilots who let their medical certificates lapse can get back in the air exercising sport pilot privileges in our airplanes.


Taos is a perfect flying destination. It is just a 55 mile trip from Santa Fe, every inch of it beautiful. There is the Rio Grande Gorge, the confluence of the RIo Chama and Rio Grande, Diablo Canyon, high mesas, the gorge bridge, and of course, New Mexico's highest peaks. After you land it is a short drive to town and restaurants, galleries, and Taos Pueblo. World class skiing? That's there, too. 

The chart and AFD show that there's only one runway, the good news is that an 8600 foot crosswind runway is under construction, scheduled to open late this summer. Check NOTAMs, the old runway has been shortened for the construction. The FBO has been known to offer a courtesy car. 

 My wife and I were married at the Ranchos Church, perhaps the most iconic image of Taos

My wife and I were married at the Ranchos Church, perhaps the most iconic image of Taos

Laguna Del Perro

About 60 miles south of Santa Fe lies a cluster of seasonal lakes centered on Laguna Del Perro. Wet or dry, the lakes are beautiful to fly over. You can operate at most any altitude, it is a sparsely populated area with abundant emergency landing options. Resist the temptation for a touch-and-go, rumor has it that the mud that often lies just below the surface is quite sticky. It'll be a touch-and-stop and the airplane will be riding home on a truck. I haven't seen much wildlife, perhaps the seasonality or high salt content discourages bird and land animal activity. There are UAS operations along the railroad that bisects the lakes and also an MTR that cuts through the middle, so heads up! 

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