New Mexico Sport Aviation

Based at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport, we offer sport, recreational, and private pilot training along with rental of our airplanes.

The sport pilot certificate has opened a new chapter for aviation - no medical exam is required and we can offer training in new airplanes at a lower cost. Additionally, licensed pilots who let their medical certificates lapse can get back in the air exercising sport pilot privileges in our airplanes.

Do you prefer a low wing airplane? Perhaps traditional "steam gauges?" Or, maybe aluminum construction appeals? We have you covered! The Tecnam P2002 Sierra is a delightful Italian-built LSA. It cruises at 110 knots behind the familiar and reliable Rotax 912ULS. The Sierra has perfectly balanced controls and is as much a joy to fly as the Remos. With 26 gallons of fuel, a cruise prop delivering good speed, and a generous baggage area, this is an ideal airplane for travel.

Tecnam - 3.jpg

N118LS has an installed Garmin 496 GPS, SL30 NAV/COM radio, Dynon D10 electronic HSI, and Garmin transponder. 

As with all our airplanes, N118LS is available for rental and flight instruction. The Tecnam rents for $108 per hour, wet.

And, yes, you can fly it with the canopy open! 

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